Why not come and learn to play bridge bridge in 2019. The club is relaxed, very friendly and you will enjoy the experience.

Starts Monday 14 October 2019 at 10.30am - Last course for 2019

The course is a series of 4 lessons, one lesson per week, and each lessons runs for two hours. 

In addition to the 4 lessons there are 3 practice sessions. The practice sessions help to reinforce the card play and the bidding. It does not matter if you have never played cards before as you learn by play not theory,which helps make learning the game faster, easier and very enjoyable.

The 3 practice sessions included are held either during the 4 week course on another day, or at the end of the course.  Up to you when you can fit them in.

At the end of lesson one I will hand you a copy of  Paul Marston's "Introduction to Bridge". Everything that you have learnt in the lesson is in the book which you can take home with you.

The total cost is $59 which also includes the club joining fee.  (Total value of $219!). 

Should you miss one lesson you can catch it up at a practice session.

The Grand Slam Bridge Centre offers a fun and friendly environment to play bridge. You can enjoy an excellent cappuccino whilst you play, order a delicious sandwich or a cool drink.

After the course there are many follow up sessions just for beginners. At these sessions you will improve your game and become a more confident player.

TO ENROL JUST SEND US AN EMAIL TO gslam@westnet.com.au  with your name and telephone contact.