Melbourne Cup 2019 At the Grand Slam Tuesday 5th November

Open & Intermediate Sections

 10.30am - Start the day with a fun game of bridge

11.30pm—Morning cakes and slices will be served.

12.15 pm- Time for a glass of wine or bubbly.  This will help your game!

1.40pm - A selection of gourmet sandwiches, followed by a delicious cheese and fruit platter.

2,40pm - Prize giving - then fill your glasses, sit back and relax and get ready to watch the running of the 2017 Melbourne Cup on the large screen.

3.00pm - Melbourne Cup

3.20pm - Collect your winnings!

Prizes– There will be prizes galore, including best hat and lucky door prize. (You do not have to wear a hat!)

Sweeps– There will be sweeps galore! Organised and run by Sue Turner  who does an outstanding job every year.

Hostess– Anne Weber will be your hostess for the day

 Full payment with bookings please.

$50  Members - $55 Non Members

 This includes  bridge, morning cakes & slices, bubbles and wine throughout the day, delicious sandwiches, and cheese and fruit.

(Coffee and tea are not included).

 Please book early

If you require a suitable partner, please let us know, supervised players are also very welcome a partner is required. Just come and have fun. Your bridge scores on this day will not count towards your rating.